Plastic Surgery Procedures in Newport Beach & Irvine, CA



To restore a youthful look and replace lost volume, Bellafill is a go-to injectable since it’s collagen-based and made of PMMA microspheres.


BOTOX is an injection that diminishes wrinkles and lines and gives the skin a soft glow by relaxing the muscles that cause the skin to contract.


Comprised of hyaluronic acid, Juvéderm is a dermal filler that reduces fine lines and wrinkles to create a softer, smoother facial appearance.


For patients who have wrinkles and lines around and on their mouth, Restylane is a hyaluronic acid injectable dermal filler that treats these areas.


Dysport is an injectable treatment comparable to BOTOX used to diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles in the upper third of a patient’s face.


For patients desiring a younger, firmer complexion, Sculptra is a facial injection that stimulates collagen, causing a gradual aging reversal effect.


Voluma is an injectable dermal filler from the makers of Juvéderm that corrects age-related volume loss in the cheeks and other areas of the face.


Dr. Bernett uses Radiesse to treat patients with moderate to deep folds and wrinkles due to the effectiveness and long-lasting results of the filler.


Brow Lift

A brow lift is a cosmetic facial surgery that lifts a droopy eyebrow, which creates a softer appearance and one that no longer looks tired or angry.

Chin Augmentation

Chin augmentation is a cosmetic surgery that uses a flexible chin implant to improve the appearance of a receding chin and create a stronger profile.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty (ear contouring or ear pinning) is a cosmetic ear surgery that reshapes ears that protrude outwards, look too large, or appear misshapen.

Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, known as blepharoplasty, is a cosmetic procedure to improve the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids in both men and women.


A facelift (rhytidectomy) is a surgery that tightens and repositions facial skin and tissue to reverse the signs of aging for a softer, younger look.


A neck lift is a surgery that removes excess skin and fat from the neck to create a tighter neck that looks younger and appears more defined.

Neck Liposuction

A common cosmetic procedure that removes unwanted fat from the neck is neck liposuction. This creates a slimmer, smother, and younger-looking neck.


For patients who are unhappy with the shape, size, or proportion of their nose, rhinoplasty (nose surgery) can offer a significant enhancement.


Breast Augmentation

Using silicone or saline breast implants to create fuller and shapelier breasts, breast augmentation surgery is a popular procedure among women.

Breast Lift

Breast lift, or mastopexy, restores sagging breasts by removing loose skin, and then tightening and lifting the breast to a more secure position.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgery that helps to restore the breast to a beautiful appearance after a traumatic injury or breast removal.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery removes excessive breast tissue to purposefully increase confidence by improving the size and shape of female’s breasts.

Breast Revision

Breast revision surgery is most widely performed to correct, enhance, or remove a breast implant from a previous breast augmentation surgery.


After Weight Loss Surgery

After weight loss surgery shapes the body and removes excess skin and applies to patients who have lost 100 pounds or more.

Arm Lift

An arm lift (brachioplasty) allows for an enhanced, tighter appearance of the upper arm using liposuction and purposeful skin tightening techniques.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a cosmetic procedure allowing for transformation of particular body parts by tightening and reshaping excess skin and tissue.

Brazilian Butt Lift

A Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure that uses the patient’s own fat from other areas of the body to fill in, lift, and reshape the buttocks.

Butt Lift

A butt lift gives a more tightened and toned appearance to the buttocks by removing excess skin and lifting the tissue to a secured, higher position.

Fat Transfer

A fat transfer is a procedure taking fat from one area of the body, cleansing it, then placing it in other areas to add volume and fullness.


Labia rejuvenation (labiaplasty) is a cosmetic procedure that redesigns the aesthetics of the vaginal lips by reshaping the skin and tissue.


Liposuction is a popular procedure allowing for a slimmer appearance by removing stubborn fat where exercise and diet have failed to achieve results.

Mini Tummy Tuck

A mini tummy tuck is a less invasive form of abdominoplasty that focuses on the lower part of the abdomen and gets rid of the infamous “pooch”.

Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover restores areas of the body affected by pregnancy with a combination of purposeful surgeries leading to a more youthful appearance.

Thigh Lift

A thigh lift employs advanced surgical techniques to remove extra fat and tighten the skin around the thighs to improve the shape and tighten the leg.

Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, or a tummy tuck, is a procedure that removes excess skin and fat around the belly resulting in a tighter, more aesthetic abdomen.


Abdominal Etching

Abdominal etching is a cosmetic surgery that helps to define the abdominal muscles by eliminating unwanted fat and resculpting the stomach.

Executive Edge

The Executive Edge is a combination of surgeries and procedures that revive the aging features of a man’s face and define the masculine features.


Male breast reduction surgery improves and reshapes the male breast by removing excess breast tissue from a condition known as gynecomastia.


Laser Skin Resurfacing

Laser skin resurfacing is a nonsurgical procedure that corrects fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne scars, and other skin irregularities.

Liquid Facelift

A liquid facelift combines nonsurgical skin rejuvenation treatments, such as BOTOX and fillers, to create a younger, glowing complexion.

Chemical Peel

Our facility proudly offers light, medium, and medical-grade chemical peels to help you achieve your aesthetic goals with beautiful, glowing skin.


Intense pulsed light therapy with Palomar Lux technology treats brown spots, age spots, and sun damage to help you achieve gorgeous, radiant skin.


Microneedling with Rejuvepen is the process of stimulating the natural production of collagen to rejuvenate and renew the skin for glowing results.

Microneedling with PRP

Microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (known as the vampire facial) is a highly beneficial procedure often used to address moderate skin issues.

RF Microneedling

Dr. Bernett is excited to offer RF microneedling by Infini, which combines radiofrequency and microneedling for this innovative facial procedure.


Many Irvine area patients are plagued with spider veins, so we are very pleased to provide sclerotherapy to treat this unsightly skin condition.

CO2 Laser Skin Resurfacing

Fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing combines proven techniques to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin for a refreshed look.