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Welcome to the practice of Dr. Marguerite Bernett, a preferred female cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon meeting the aesthetic goals and needs of men and women throughout Southern California. Approachable, friendly, professional and caring, Dr Bernett is the surgeon and trusted professional for you.

Committed to the highest level of patient satisfaction through exceptional surgical outcomes, and safe and quick recovery methods, Dr. Bernett is highly acknowledged in the Aesthetics industry and among her peers with over 20 years of experience in Plastic Surgery.

She performs numerous procedures ranging from cosmetic and corrective breast surgery, cosmetic facial enhancements and rejuvenation for the entire face including eyes, nose, cheek, chin, brow and neck as well as body lipo-countouring and sculpture. She is well known for her fat transfers for the face and buttock, as well as for her breast reconstruction and implant replacement needs, along with first time breast augmentation clientele. Dr. Bernett has  patients traveling from as far as Italy for their procedures  for breast, face and body surgery. Her aesthetic eye and skilled surgical expertise provides patients with a natural and subtle appearance and as a 20 year veteran, she tailors her approach in a diligent and caring manner that patients love. 

She listens to her patients, and has a unique ability to naturally connect with them because she truly cares for them. Dr Bernett has an in-depth understanding of patients needs and desires, and thus strives to meet their aesthetic goals with advanced surgical techniques and progressive approaches. She is one of the top surgeons in her field because she is able to provide natural looking results. Additionally, patients are very comfortable with Dr Bernett because she is engaging and actually takes the time to educate her patients in a non rushed fashion. Many patients say she has given them life-changing results and gorgeous outcomes, time and time again.

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Marguerite J. Bernett, M.D.

Dr Bernett chose to become a plastic surgeon early on in life because she deeply cared for women. As a a sister and daughter within a large family, she came to an in depth understanding of the needs of women, She understood then and still does, that women give so much of themselves to the ones they love yet often put themselves second. She became determined to help women feel empowered and beautiful along life's journey. She graduated high school at 15 years of age and continued onto medical school to pursue her education in plastic surgery with a goal of supporting and encouraging women as her life's mission.

Her expertise is in providing a natural, yet transformative appearance for her patients as well as in building life long relationships together.  Her personal style is attentive and patient. She strives to listen effectively to her patients, and to understand their needs and  goals. Dr Bernett is never pushy or aggressive as she firmly believes that patients need a true understanding when seeking enhancements and wants each patient to feel absolutely assured and confident in their decisions. This approach is unique in the field of cosmetics and as a female surgeon, she definitely connects with her patients in a unique and phenomenal manner.

Dr Bernett strives to educate and guide her patients to the best option for their circumstances. Her passion as a plastic surgeon is to enhance the natural beauty within each individual through top of the line, current technology and  detailed, artistic skill. Trained under many of the most renowned surgeons in the field, along with years of ongoing training and learning, allows Dr. Bernett to have a competitive edge in Los Angeles, Orange County, and the surrounding Southern California area. Schedule your complimentary consultation today and see for yourself why thousands of patients continue to choose Dr. Bernett as their cosmetic surgeon.

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