Newport Beach - Flat chest to full breasts using saline implants


18 - 29
5’ 6” - 6’ 0”

Procedure Details

This patient was concerned about having a surgery because she did not have many friends who have had their breasts done so she felt shy about asking us what implants feel like, whether or not she would have a beautiful result, what the discomfort would feel like and so many questions that every woman has but can be afraid to ask. Once she had every question answered, her decision was easier made. Additionally she wanted to finance some portion of her fees so we would able to help her obtain all the Care Credit information for a no interest plan for 12 months.

Saline Implants, Care Credit

It has been a few months and I wanted to send a thank you sooner. I can't believe how easy this was, especially after how long I have wanted to do this surgery but felt nervous. I love how my clothes fit and I am so thankful that Nikki showed me how to use Care Credit so I could get my surgery sooner than I thought. Also thank you for sending me the simulated images with what I would look like so i could see myself with bigger breasts. Thank you! Im sure I will be seeing you soon because now my sister wants to do hers. Thank you Doctor Bernett. 



Bellagio MedSpa Irvine

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